The future of museums

Some of you may have watched the discussion organised by Factum Arte and Art Newspaper. I was very nervous about it, not least because whenever I have done anything on Zoom, it has always said that my internet connection is unstable. And it’s quite hard to chair a group of people onscreen. But I enjoyed it much more than expected, thanks to the quality of the panel, who seemed to have been especially handpicked to be in favour of digital and other forms of replication. Maybe that is the way we’re going. I couldn’t help thinking of my great grandparents who went to buy furniture in Tottenham Court Road because reproduction furniture was so much better quality than Georgian.


3 thoughts on “The future of museums

  1. Ivan Gaskell says:

    You chaired brilliantly, Charles! I only wish there had been an incisive philosophical voice on the panel. There are such people in London: John Hyman, for instance. Not your choice, I know. I loved your last question: Which artwork would you like as a copy? My response (for what it’s worth) would be a full-scale replica of James Turrell’s Roden Crater in central London. It may require some demolition…

    • Dear Ivan, So glad you watched it ! I enjoyed it myself – a very interesting group, I thought. Do you know András Szántó ? Was taught by Danto and now lives in his house on Long Island. Charles

      • Ivan Gaskell says:

        Dear Charles, I knew Danto, and I know numbers of his former students (such as David Carrier) but I regret that I have never come across András Szántó, either in person or in print. He made some interesting points during the debate, not least of which was that he is living in Arthur’s house, as you mention! He also mentioned Arthur’s seminal book, “Transfiguration of the Commonplace,” in which he distinguishes between works of art and “mere real things.” I have recently revisited this matter in an article in the British Journal of Aesthetics, published in advance online, “Works of Art and Mere Real Things–Again”:, in case you are interested…

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