This month’s Apollo

I don’t know quite why I found the arrival of this month’s Apollo so odd. It’s partly the normality of it, that it has arrived as usual, but then it’s so thin. It took me a moment to realise that it has plenty of content, but almost no advertising: no art fairs, no Bond Street galleries opening new exhibitions, fewer art publications, no jobs. Then, the content is a funny mixture: half business as usual, Timothy Brittain-Catlin on recent follies, including a spectacular photograph of Charlotte Skene-Catling’s wonderful Flint House, built on the estate at Waddesdon; Susan Moore on the TEFAF where lots of people got infected. But there is a mournful account of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, unable, like the Met, to celebrate its 150th anniversary, with its curators all at home, and only the security guards allowed in. It’s the mixture of normality and exceptionality which I found moving.


2 thoughts on “This month’s Apollo

  1. joan says:

    It must be a difficult decision for publishers of such journals to make. I see that the Crafts Council is not publishing the next two issues of Crafts magazine and plans to resume publication with its September/October issue. I will miss it over the next few months (I have a subscription) but can understand that without exhibitions and the like to advertise, it is probably not feasible for them to put it out.

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