Return to work

For my foreign readers, I should perhaps clarify the UK’s current policy, which is obvious as I look out of the window. Get the workers back to work, whatever the risks of a second wave of re-infection. Meanwhile, encourage all those who can to stay at home for as long as possible, home working to avoid the risk of disease. I can see the logic of it, but I can’t say that I applaud it.


5 thoughts on “Return to work

  1. simon hirtzel says:

    As in Hertfordshire, so in Cambridgeshire: no great waves of Public to report here. (Although someone has decided that playing 80s pop music through speakers along the High Street for an hour on a Sunday evening is a good plan, so I’m waiting for the rush for open spaces to begin.)

  2. Leslie Hills says:

    May I perhaps clarify that the return to work policy is not in fact UK policy but applies only to England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are continuing to observe the stay at home instruction in response to a slightly later covid 19 outbreak and different evaluations of the current situation and scientific advice. In Edinburgh, I for one am grateful for the difference. My area, a quarter of a mile from Princes street, is unchanged; quiet and mostly deserted. As is the rest of the city. Along with the Lake District and Wales, we are appealing to people from outside Scotland, not to travel to remote and fragile areas where we have limited resources and vulnerable populations. To travel to the islands one must prove one is returning to one’s principal residence or to deliver medicine. I spend almost half my year on an island looking at the Atlantic and have no idea when I will be able to use a ferry again.But the policy has worked. There has been only one death on the island, which has one surgery and a cottage hospital and could have been easily overwhelmed. There are no restaurants, cafes etc open – only foodshops with distancing rules which have not been reduced and most people took the government’s advice of ten days ago re wearing masks in shops or when near other people. My friend who works in the ICU at the Royal has been churning out fabric masks and sending them to friends with a plea for their use with the caveat of course that they may protect others but not the wearer.

  3. Jean Walker says:

    While I don’t support our Australian PMs politics I have to acknowledge he has done a good job in this crisis. Probably with great help from our Chief Medical Officer of course. We have managed to get our per million deaths down to 0.9 which I gather is the aim to gain control. Being an island continent has made it easier but we are also getting very clear directions from our government.

    We have been given a clear “road map” which you can see here:

    Click to access covid-safe-australia-roadmap.pdf

    It covers three months from May to July and we have been told very clearly that if it doesn’t work there will be immediate return to full lockdown.

    • Dear Jean, Yes, we watch with admiration how Australia and New Zealand have dealt with it, and plenty of other countries in Europe. It just involved paying attention to what was happening in the world and taking the best possible advice at the right time, not after the virus had been allowed to spread. Charles

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