Women Architects (1)

Over the years, I have quite often been encouraged to take an interest in who is nominated for the RIBA gold medal. In particular, year after year, I was asked to support a nomination – interestingly, by younger, left field architects – for Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, because it was known that I admire the Sainsbury Wing. Year after year, they failed to make the cut. Eventually I asked why and was told that an institution dominated by die-hard modernists would never ever select them as postmodernists. But it is surely incontestable that they have been deeply important and influential as writers and thinkers, leave aside the range of their buildings, and that it is increasingly obvious how much they were a double act, with Denise contributing at least as much in terms of the pop art ideas as Bob. So, I hope the RIBA might consider rectifying a historic injustice.

I also think Eva Jiřičná is incredibly obviously worthy for a lifetime of beautiful and intelligent projects, increasingly many now in Czechoslovakia as in the UK.

So, they are not short of great female candidates for this year. See below.



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