Christo (2)

As a matter of interest, I thought I would look back on what I wrote about Christo after he gave a talk at the RA in April 2014, in the early days of the blog:-


One thought on “Christo (2)

  1. marinavaizey says:

    Oddly the last time I talked properly with Christo was at the RA; and I remain grateful for that; he had the most enormous entourage when he did the barrels in the Serpentine so we just waved then. I wrote a very short book decades ago at his request, and thought him then and now that overused word mayhap but I believe accurate in his case, a genius. As you know the drawings and collages were in a sense stocks and shares, the manner in which he financed the projects with the managerial genius of Jeanne-Claude; his manner of working was an amazing way of using the methods of capitalism whilst he and Jeanne-Claude, managing multi million pound projects, lived modestly in New York’s Chinatown….

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