Mari Samuelsen

I’m sorry that the concert that I wrote about last night has now apparently gone offline. I wrote my post at speed to enable those who could to catch it. Some did. Anyway, the violinist was a young Norwegian, Mari Samuelsen, who, from the evidence of her recent Deutsche Grammophon recording Mari, available on Spotify, specialises in cool, quite cerebral interpretations of music mainly by contemporary composers like Max Richter and Philip Glass, plus Bach who presumably appeals to the aesthetic of neo-spiritualism. Not being a musicologist, I’m sure what she is doing can be better described.


One thought on “Mari Samuelsen

  1. Sylvie & James Fawcett says:

    Thank you very much for flagging this up yesterday evening – it was wonderful. Sad it has gone off line so soon: you were right to urge watching straight away. James

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