RIBA Awards

I’ve been studying this year’s RIBA Awards with interest, as I find it’s a good way of seeing what’s being built. Lots of small projects for a change, quite a few in very sensitive locations, and fewer obvious big-time potential winners. My tips:

OMA for Brighton College, just because it’s interesting to see such an internationally well-known practice doing a school project.

Carmody Groarke for the Windermere Jetty Museum. Good architects, good clients (Lakeland Arts), what looks like an intelligent building in a sensitive setting.

Wright and Wright for the Library and Study Centre at St. John’s College, Oxford. I was meant to go to the launch, but didn’t. Oxford and St. John’s, in particular, have a good track record as clients, helped by being so rich. Look at the detailing of the banisters.

6a architects for MK Gallery. This is a renovation, not a new build, but looks more interesting than many of the more tasteful, but often bland public projects.

Ney & Partners for Tintagel Castle Footbridge. Hard not to admire the elegant simplicity of the bridge in such an amazing setting.

TAS Architects for Woodside Mews. I feel that the judges should pay attention to the better quality work in housing, in order to recognise where developers have taken trouble with good design and use of materials. This is not the only one, but looks the best.

Grove-Raines for Kyle House, Sutherland. The aim was apparently to create ‘an emotive piece of architecture’, an unusual description for a project in such a remote setting.

Martin Edwards for a House in North Wales. I’m very prejudiced in favour of this project and pleased to see it shortlisted.



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