Statues and Empire (2)

While I’m on the subject of commemorative statues – a subject which I’m fascinated to find stirring such unbelievably passionate feelings – I have been thinking about the vexed issue as to what should happen to Kara Walker’s Fons Americanus which was on display in the Turbine Hall up until lockdown, assuming it has not already been dismantled as was planned after it was due to come off display on April 5th. Is there not a possibility of making it into something more permanent ? I don’t think it belongs in Bristol because it is a satire on the Victoria Memorial. It is currently made out of deliberately ephemeral materials so that it can be recycled. But is there not an opportunity of showing it more permanently somewhere outside either near the Thames on a site outside Tate Modern and opposite St. Paul’s or, equally appropriately but less publicly, outside Tate Britain ?


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