Thames Barrier Park

We were en route to the Thames Barrier Park which we had been tipped off is an unexpectedly mature piece of French garden design with rolling asymmetric yew hedges all in a straight line pointing towards the barrier and Kent beyond:-


4 thoughts on “Thames Barrier Park

  1. Victoria White says:

    Those topiaried wave hedges look really impressive, never been to this park but will do in the future. The hedges look newly clipped too, glad they’ve been maintained as other parks I’ve been to in London recently have looked a little unkempt. Victoria

  2. joan says:

    We first used to go there when it was newly opened (from about 2000), our kids were small and my mum was living in near by Beckton. In those days it had pavement fountains like at Somerset House for kids to run riot through but I think they’ve gone now. In the early years it also had magnificent wildflower meadows but I suspect these proved too expensive to maintain. The two things that were really striking about it in the years we were frequent visitors was how empty it was and how modern it felt. Whoever commissioned it is to be thanked for providing something very different from what else was on offer.

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