The West End

I had my first trip back into the west end today – to see Linda Heathcote Amory’s exhibition at Browse & Darby and have a sandwich in Green Park. It was a strange sensation – the streets so empty, so few people about, just a very few tourists forlornly carrying Fortnum & Mason’s green bags. One doesn’t know quite how to behave, giving people the widest possible berth on the pavement, half acknowledging their presence as fellow survivors, but without warmth. And yet the shops of Burlington Arcade were all staffed up, waiting vainly for customers. Then I got absolutely soaked bicycling home. I had forgotten that it rains sometimes.


2 thoughts on “The West End

  1. Kate Woodhead says:

    Thanks for writing about just (extra) ordinary things. Good to know that life is gradually starting again, even if very different.

  2. joan says:

    My early ventures out during lockdown reminded me of trips to Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles. I wasn’t worried about being bombed as much as I was worried about not knowing how to behave at checkpoints etc. All these social nuances are difficult to master.

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