Mile End Road

Attached is one of the Gentle Author’s daily regular posts, which I particularly appreciate for the way he finds the work of previously unknown photographers, who have documented the look and feel of the local streets as they used to be. I especially enjoyed today’s post, because if you scroll down, you can find a picture of our house before the second story was reconstructed by the Spitalfields Trust in the late 1990s, when there were shops in front of the house (A.Leaver Ltd.), and when there was still nothing next door because of bomb damage thirty years before.


One thought on “Mile End Road

  1. Ivan Gaskell says:

    Fascinating! Philip Cunningham’s work reminds me of the extraordinary project by Camilo José Vergara, “Invincible Cities,” begun in the 1970s, documenting progressive changes in the building-by-building cityscapes of several US cities, focusing on “poor, minority communities” (Vergara’s phrase). It’s a must to explore: –Ivan

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