Francis Carnwath (1)

I heard last night, which I had not previously registered, that Francis Carnwath, the benign and knowledgeable former chairman of the Spitalfields Trust, and much else, had died. He was an interesting character who was recruited by Nick Serota from Barings to reform the administration of the Tate as its Deputy Director; and it was Carnwarth, who as a member of the London Advisory Panel of English Heritage recommended that the Tate looked at Bankside Power Station as the location for its new modern art gallery, first surveyed it with the engineer, Alan Baxter, and negotiated its first £500,000 from Southwark Council to make its bid credible with Nuclear Electric who owned it. He did much else, including setting up the Greenwich Foundation and helping the Royal Academy with fundraising for Burlington Gardens, but it will be as a pioneer in historic buildings conservation, chairing fortnightly meetings of the Spitalfields Trust for sixteen years, that I will remember him.


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