Coup 53

We watched the film, Coup 53, which reveals how Norman Darbyshire, an MI6 officer stationed originally in Teheran after the war and then in Cyprus engineered the brutal assassination of Mahmoud Afshartous, the chief of police under Mohammad Mossadegh, and the subsequent military coup d’etat, the first of many to protect American interests, but in this case was as much to protect access to the oil wells at Abadan, which had been under the control of Anglo-Iranian oil until nationalised by Mossadegh. We found it fascinating not least for the film footage of Peter Avery, who worked for Anglo-Iranian oil in the early 1950s before teaching Persian at Cambridge and who in retrospect may have maintained some level of contact with MI6.


4 thoughts on “Coup 53

  1. says:

    Another little reference to your dear old friend! Marvellous plot for a thriller, MI6 Agent operating against a backdrop of seasoned academe!!! (Gentle reminder, should you by any chance respond with comment to Charles S S, no reference to my name, please!) Hope all well with you, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to come up to town, if you have problems, it’s all very low voltage. Any museums, member or not, you have to book timed slot, and one friend said she was ‘hurried on’ when she wanted to dwell on an exhibit, because of the necessary social distancing. I haven’t done public transport yet, very hesitant, but fab to be back in my own home and doing things my way! Speak soon, lots of love Anne xx

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