Self-isolation (1)

Having had lunch with someone on Friday who has since developed Covid-19, I have put myself into voluntary self-isolation because I am obviously at some level at risk of developing it myself. No-one can know what the level of risk it is. It’s an odd sensation: the disease which had developed a degree of unreality as a result of living with its presence (or absence) for six months suddenly becomes a much more real threat again; and the life I have been leading of reading and writing becomes much more lonely by being imposed, if only self-imposed. I feel a bit like the man who was out on the mud flats yesterday in the far distance:-


8 thoughts on “Self-isolation (1)

  1. Sue Stamp says:

    Dear Charles, I’m sorry to hear you are having to isolate because you’ve come into direct contact with covid now, as you say, after 6 months of being ok it has/had become slightly unreal. I do hope that you remain well and free of it. Sue

  2. Richard Bram says:

    Fingers crossed, Charles. Thank you for being responsible. Monika and I finally had the COVID test going into Germany last week for my exhibition; both negative, happy to say.

  3. joan says:

    Hope the time passes quickly and that you don’t develop any symptoms. Here in Newham we are part of the Track and Trace experiment (the trial areas are Newham and Isle of Wight). I will supposedly get a phone notification if I have been in contact with a person who has tested positive who also has the app downloaded. I would be interested to see the figures as to how this is working. Best wishes, Joan

  4. If it’s any consolation, we have been self-isolating in Globe Town since lockdown (save for one trip and then quarantining), and getting grocery and food deliveries was pretty hard early on, though it is much easier now. (Rinkoff even managed to deliver bread.) If you need any help, the folks on the Stepney Covid Solidarity WhatsApp group are very supportive and have picked up medications for my partner.

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