Self-isolation (2)

It’s my second day of Self-isolation, now compulsory, as I have been officially notified that I must by someone who asked if she could speak about it to my father. I explained that he had died in April 1994, so that was not going to be possible. She then proceeded to explain everything that I must do to avoid infecting anyone, which I was pleased to explain that I was already doing. She has half restored my faith that there is now a system for track and trace, although I still look back fondly to reading about Barry Rees, the corporate director of Ceredigion, who was trained as a scientist and who when he first heard of Covid-19, implemented a very straightforward system of track-and-trace which involved finding out who might have been infected and stopping them infecting others. This seems like a much better system than paying friends of Dominic Cummings billions of pounds to develop fancy computer systems and has meant that Ceredigion has had by far the lowest rate of infection in Wales.


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