Self-isolation (3)

It is, by my calculation, my third day of Self-isolation, since it is the third day since I discovered that I had had lunch with someone who subsequently developed Covid, but I have just received an encouraging note from a Robot telling me that I have only nine days to go. It reminded me of an item on the news yesterday that people in Care Homes are encouraged to talk to Robots, who they find friendly and helpful. Mine has given me advice as to how to lead my life, when to get up in the morning and go to bed (as normal) and that I should organise social activities with others in the house, which is particularly tricky, as I am doing everything in my power to avoid all contact with them, only making a cup of tea in the morning wearing rubber gloves.

Anyway, my life of leisure talking to robots enabled me to listen to Prime Minister’s Question Time. The Prime Minister was theatrically appalled that Keir Starmer might be in any way critical of the glories of Track and Trace, which requires a small child to travel to Inverness to get a test. Of course, he omitted to mention that the Track and Trace programme is run not by the NHS, but, without competitive tender, by Serco who have so far been paid £108M for organising drive-in tests in Inverness and other places. Its chief executive turns out to be Rupert Soames, Winston Churchill’s grandson. Nice work if you can get it.


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