Self-isolation (8)

Only two days to go.

Self-isolation certainly gives one plenty of time to contemplate the current state of Covid and its apparent rapid spread, although, as I understand it, not to anything like the same deadly extent as in March, only doubling in the rate of infection every fortnight, not every three days.

The issue which is obvious from the experience of having had contact – that is, lunch – with someone who developed Covid shortly afterwards is that the current system may contain the spread of the disease to some extent, but is very slow: it took 72 hours for the person I had lunch with to get confirmation that she had the disease and a further 72 hours before I was officially required to self-isolate; during that time I had seen and met up with others who luckily have not been infected, but could have been if I had been.

I read yesterday that anyone arriving in Rome airport is required to take a test and await the result which comes within three hours. Speed of diagnosis is surely the only way of ensuring that the disease doesn’t spread.


2 thoughts on “Self-isolation (8)

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    Indeed. In Germany it is a maximum of five hours waiting time for a report.. Here in Scotland it is 48 hours but everyone I know has had a reply within 24 hours and no problems getting tested locally. However, the backup in the Lighthouse labs run centrally on a UK basis is now starting to affect the time to report. I think it’s now quite clear that testing run by NHS and operated locally rather than, as in England, centrally by Serco or equivalent can make a significant difference.

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