Gallery Display

I was afraid that the article I had written for this year’s Frieze Masters magazine about museum and exhibition design might never appear, since the fair itself is only happening online; but I was pleased to be sent a link this morning to the article which is now going to appear in the October issue of Frieze magazine ( I enjoyed writing it, because it gave me an opportunity to reflect on the rapidity of changes in the fashion for museum and exhibition design and how relatively little it is written about, although an excellent book on the subject, Closed on Mondays: Behind the Scenes at the Museum is due to be published by Dinah Casson in November ( I was also keen to document the displays on the first floor at the National Portrait Gallery which felt state-of-the-art twenty three years ago, but have already disappeared pending the National Portrait Gallery’s total renovation. I can hardly complain because these displays were themselves simply replacing the state-of-the-art display of twenty five years earlier, as I remember Richard Ormond commenting ruefully when they first opened. I can only look forward to their next incarnation.


2 thoughts on “Gallery Display

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    I am intrigued by Ms Casson’s book – not least by the bold choice of title which has sequences from Kate Atkinson’s novel playing in my head..

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