Self-isolation (10)

I know I should have rushed out with my new-found freedom to explore the outside world, but, oddly enough, after two weeks of isolation, I found myself inhibited, having forgotten what the outside world looked like, still wearing a mask and feeling like a bank robber as I went to the local cash machine – not that one needs cash anymore. My friendly robot thanked me for the part that I had played in the fight against Coronavirus, but, since the disease is increasing more in Tower Hamlets than in most of the rest of London, I feel more like a statistical blip than a local hero. Anyway, I thank my blog readers for providing my lifeline to the outside world.


6 thoughts on “Self-isolation (10)

  1. johnjomahoney says:

    Charles,further to your last blog entry, I would like to say that your blog provides ongoing pleasure and encouragement to your readers, far from being a stastical blip, you provide a calm assurance that populism will not overcome intellectual rigour. I am a Psychiatrist working in Ireland and I thank you for your clarity of thought and reassurance that life continues in whatever form, enjoy your liberation, however temporary it may be.

  2. johnjomahoney says:

    Dear Charles, the only way to make our passage through this turbulent sea of populism and untruths is to cling to the mast of truth , continuing to show our humanity reminding ourselves that we need to live the lessons we have learnt from history. This is however more difficult when history is ignored. I have to remain optimistic, and your blog shores up my faith in humanity,John

  3. Jean Walker says:

    Here in Tasmania we are still virus free and feel very lucky but I really appreciate your honest and well balanced views on what is happening in the country of my birth. I feel so sad about the lack of good leadership and its consequences. Whether we can ever feel safe to visit again remains to be seen.

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