The Italian Experience (1)

I’ve been trying to figure out why it is that Italy doesn’t seem to be suffering from a Second Wave in the same way as France, Spain and now, looking at the statistics, we are too. It all seems fairly obvious: a very strict and totally consistent set of rules, which have been rigorously enforced by the carabinieri from the beginning; equally strict measures at the airports; a strong communal enforcement of mask wearing; publication of the evidence of medical problems, so that everyone knows and understands the problems and the risks; and a health minister who the public trusts. None of this is rocket science. But it all feels far beyond our world-beating government to pay attention to what is happening in other countries and to steer a consistent path between libertarianism one minute and a crackdown the next.


3 thoughts on “The Italian Experience (1)

  1. Jean Walker says:

    That list is identical to what has occurred here in Australia. As much as I am not a supporter of our right wing Liberal federal government, I have to give them credit for doing the right thing and the state Premiers, regardless of party, have followed suit. Of course there will always be detractors and unbelievers but the vast majority has complied. The Victorian Premier has received some nasty criticism for his strict regulations but the Melbourne numbers are now down to single figures. Personally I would give him a medal.

    • Dear Jean, This is very interesting. There is curiously little discussion of these issues in our press and you see the problem of how right wing the press has become, although everyone is now turning anti-Boris. Charles

  2. Richard Bram says:

    When we landed at Florence on 19 February, our temperatures were checked twice by hazmat-suited people before we left the airport. They knew it was serious and treated it that way. When we got back to the UK 10 days later, nothing. For that matter when we came back from Germany three weeks ago, again, nothing. Such utter incompetence, complacency, and perhaps even malevolence explains the case rise.

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