Whitechapel Bell Foundry (45)

I have been encouraged to post the information about the official hearing concerning the future of the Whitechapel Bell Foundry as below. It seems that you can listen to proceedings if you are interested and can submit evidence if you haven’t already. Normally, it would be held in public and in those circumstances, it was felt to be desirable that there should be a high attendance in order to demonstrate the level of public interest in the outcome, but with the hearings online, I suspect that this is no longer so relevant:-

Opening on 10:00 on 6 October 2020

Planning and Listed Building Consent applications by Raycliff Whitechapel LLP to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for Internal alterations including reinstatement of a foundry (B2 use) and ancillary uses; refurbishment of spaces to provide new workshops and workspace (B1 use), with café (A3 use) in listed old foundry. External alterations to raise roof of hayloft building and create new link building. Demolition of unlisted 1980s building and wall to the rear. Erection of building along Plumbers Row and Fieldgate Street with hotel (C1 use) with ancillary members and guest uses in part 5,6 and 7 storeys with x2 levels of basement, with restaurant/bar (A3/4 uses) at ground and mezzanine level and additional workspace (B1 use) on ground and first floors. Roof plant, pool,
photovoltaics, waste storage, cycle parking, public realm improvements and associated works, at The Bell Foundry, 32-34 Whitechapel Road, 2 Fieldgate Street and Land to the Rear, have been referred to the Secretary of State for Housing Communities and Local Government for his determination.

An Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State will hold an Inquiry opening on the date shown above in order to report to the Secretary of State for Housing Communities and Local Government to assist with his determination. The Inquiry will be held as a virtual event run by an Inspector in the normal way, but with the parties invited to join via Microsoft Teams or telephone.

Documents relating to the applications can be viewed on the Council website
If the above web link fails to load, please copy and paste the above URL directly into your web browser.

Anyone wishing to attend the inquiry must make their interest known to the Planning Inspectorate Case Officer as soon as possible prior to the Inquiry, either by email or telephone after reading the Inquiry Attendance Information set out below. When contacting the Case Officer, it would be helpful if you could confirm whether you want to take an active part in the proceedings or anticipate attending just as an observer (see below).

Inquiry Attendance Information
Before deciding whether to take an active part in the Inquiry, you need to think carefully about the points you wish to make. All written submissions from the application stages will be taken into account by the Inspector and re-stating the same points won’t add any additional weight to them.
If you feel that taking part in the Inquiry is right for you in whatever capacity, you can participate in a number of ways:
To take part using video, participants will need to have access to Microsoft
Teams (via an app or web browser). This link gives further information on how to use this. https://support.office.com/en-us/teams. Alternatively you can take part by telephone. Calls would be to an 020 number which will incur charges.
If you intend to take an active part in the proceedings, please make clear in your response:
· whether you wish to appear at the Inspector’s opening to address any
procedural matters;
· whether you wish only to make a statement to the Inquiry; or
· whether you would also wish to ask questions on particular topics.
If you want to take an active part but feel unable to for any reason, and/or the points you want to make are not covered in the evidence of others, consider whether someone else could raise them on your behalf.
Registered participants in whatever capacity will receive individual joining
instructions, providing details of any requirements, guidance and support,
whether joining by Teams or telephone.
You should note that the event will be recorded by the Planning Inspectorate for training and quality assurance purposes.
Planning Inspectorate References:
APP/E5900/V/20/3245430 & APP/E5900/V/20/3245432

Case Officer contact at the Planning Inspectorate: Elizabeth Humphrey
(Elizabeth.humphrey@planninginspectorate.gov.uk, 0303 444 5384)


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