Whitechapel Bell Foundry (49)

One more thing (well, I’m sure there will be others).

I have omitted to mention that Raycliff are employing an American company called the Major Food Group to put in a themed restaurant on the ground floor of the Bell Foundry. This is what they describe as ‘saving’ it. The Major Food Group are best known in New York for turning the historic Four Seasons Restaurant in the Seagram Building into a ‘themed’ restaurant called The Pool. Phyllis Lambert, daughter of Samuel Bronfman who founded the Seagram Company, said that the changes the Major Food Group proposed to the Seagram Building would ‘do irreparable damage’. Edgar Bronfman Jr., the former Chief Executive of the company said, ‘What is at stake here is whether ownership trumps preservation, whether deception triumphs over transparency and whether the wealth, power and influence of a building’s proprietors can trample both the fundamental integrity of an historic space and the commission created to protect and preserve such spaces’. An interesting choice of restaurant next to our local mosque and one which will doubtless receive the whole-hearted support of Historic England, who have so consistently applauded everything that Raycliff have proposed on the grounds of its great sensitivity.


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