Whitechapel Bell Foundry (66)

I have allowed my blog to rest for a bit, mainly because I spent most of last week absorbed by watching the Inquiry on which the fate of the Whitechapel Bell Foundry depends and have been discouraged from commenting in any detail on it.

The main presentations finished on Friday. I could not help but notice an imbalance between the presentations by the professional advisers working for Raycliff who have presumably been paid very large sums for their work over the last three years and ours who have mostly been working pro bono, but who were subjected to at least the same level – actually much greater – cross questioning over the details of their cost plans.

I very sadly missed the presentation by Adam Lowe on Thursday which was by all accounts brilliant, authoritative and funny, refusing to dance to the hostile lawyer’s questioning and demonstrating how superbly well qualified the Factum Foundation would be to running the Foundry as a working foundry, which is what we all want.

Now there is a day on the 27th. for public witnesses, a day of summing up, and a day when the Inspector visits Middleport. Then we wait and pray.

We still need £15,000, not least to pay our advocate who has done an absolutely brilliant job Рtough, but invariably polite, and worth every penny. Any suggestions, please contact c@charlessaumarezsmith.com.


2 thoughts on “Whitechapel Bell Foundry (66)

  1. Pam Roberts says:

    Adam Lowe is always “brilliant, authoritative & funny” & always very much, & very confidently, his own driven & direct & oh so knowledgeable person. I was lucky enough to work with him a few times in the 1990s, pre Factum, & have watched him evolve ever since. One of the most intelligent & stimulating people I have ever met.

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