Howard Hodgkin

On a very rare trip into the west end, partly to deposit books at the London Library, I was able to catch the beautiful, choice exhibition Memories, devoted to the work of Howard Hodgkin. They are nearly all small works – deeply intense and atmospheric recollection of things seen, mainly while travelling in Venice, America and Tangiers, the distillation of the ways in which they are half remembered and half abstracted in the mind.

Leaves (1987-88):-

Venice Sunset (1989):-

Italian Landscape (1990-91):-

After Degas (1993):-

Chinoiserie (1994-7):-


4 thoughts on “Howard Hodgkin

  1. Sue Stamp says:

    These are lovely, thank you Charles, they’ve reminded me of how much I love his work and he was one of my inspirations to begin painting again many years ago.

  2. It is interesting to see how his interest in the frame changes, starting at just a claiming of it as his territory and not that of future owners, to the last example you post which suggest the frame began to claim the painting.

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