Romilly Saumarez Smith (4)

I have spent a happy afternoon listening to the talks and interviews which I only half overheard last night connected to the exhibition Of Time and Place organised by the new online gallery ‘Living Object’ ( Not least it gave me a much better sense of the gallery and the artists it represents, set up only in March as a way of giving artists specialising in three-dimensional media – ceramics, textiles, jewellery – an online presence, talking about their work, not just as a way of selling it, but as a vehicle of international communication.

Romilly appears after 55 minutes, talking about the relationship between our house and her work, her interest in the structure of medieval bookbindings, the discovery of copper wire and soldering, our trip to Newfoundland and starting to make work with Lucie Gledhill, a journey of collaboration. The talks are currently on WeTransfer, but not necessarily for long:-


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