Romilly Saumarez Smith (5)

The Financial Times have just put online Edmund de Waal’s poetic and deeply moving account of Romilly’s working practices and recent jewellery in advance of her exhibition at Make in Bruton, opening on November 20th.:-

Oddly, the above link opened for me early in the morning on condition that I divulged what I most miss during COVID (the answer was the freedom to travel freely, since I can’t pretend that I miss going to sports matches). So, I am now posting the article instead:-


4 thoughts on “Romilly Saumarez Smith (5)

  1. Leslie Tobin Bacon says:

    Please, Charles, could you post the entire article? When I click on the FT link I get a demand for a subscription… very pricey. I recently received earrings I purchased from Romilly’s shop site… love them… ‘Sputnik balls with dangling diamonds’… but also Anglo/Saxon beads, says Romilly…. I thought they looked like the orbs that the Queen has…. so many references. I feel that her scouring EBay is a form of mudlarking for her….

  2. Richard Bram says:

    We saw it first thing this morning here in New York and thought it a wonderful, warm, insightful tribute to her.

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