Roman Road

Although I know our end of the Roman Road very well, I very seldom go down the part beyond Mile End Park. Today, I walked to the park which was looking autumnal:-

Then I discovered that the Roman Road, to my amazement, now has a pop-up patisserie, called Alibi Pantry, which has the most delicious takeaway cakes, and an Italian deli, called Symposium which sells East London beer, new to me, as well as a gigantic range of Italian wine: gentrification no doubt, but I am not complaining:-


3 thoughts on “Roman Road

  1. Christabel King says:

    A bit of a walk but great cakes from the sound of it. I accidentally FaceTimed you for a second or two at lunchtime – hit your name rather than one above. But maybe it didn’t have time to register. Hope the week copeable and you having a relax. Xxxx

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  2. Tony Valsamidis says:

    Before the lockdown, I had an excellent coffee and panino at Loafing, also on the ‘Roman’. The woman who served me was very friendly and we had a brief chat. It turned out she came from Positano.

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