Jan Morris (1)

I am so sad to hear of the death of Jan Morris, a writer I have greatly admired. I was first aware of her as the writer of her – at that time, his – book on Oxford, published in 1965, but even more as the author of Venice, such a lyrical and deeply informed book about the character of the city, which sat on the shelf alongside Hugh Honour’s Companion Guide. Then I read his trilogy on Pax Britannica with enthusiasm, so richly visual in the way it described the consequences of Empire around the globe, although in a way which now would presumably be regarded as absurdly uncritical. She was painted for the NPG by Arturo di Stefano, which I reproduce below and hope that I am allowed to in her honour:-


One thought on “Jan Morris (1)

  1. hcdunn says:

    Thank you Charles. Yes, her book entitled Conundrum which deals with her gender dysphoria and eventual transition is a wonderful account of an issue which these days seems to have become politicised and shrill. She just did what was right for her and seems to have had the support of her peers, friends and family – and that was before the so-called woke generation of today.

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