The Bosanquet Monument (1)

I have a memory of going to visit Leyton in the early 1990s in search of a monument designed by Sir John Soane. Dorothy Stroud, a member of the committee of the Soane Monuments Trust, remembered it from visiting in 1953, when she took the only known photograph of it, and was presumably unaware that it had been demolished in 1957 by a local building firm, T. R. Hurry, after what the minutes of the Churchyard Committee described as ‘damage by hooligans’.

The church itself it unexpectedly attractive, the legacy of the days when Leyton was a village in the Essex countryside, lived in by prosperous city merchants, including Samuel Bosanquet, a Governor of the Bank of England, who was commemorated by the tomb and whose father, also called Samuel had bought Forest House in Leyton in 1741, now the site of Whipps Cross Hospital.

This is the church as it is now:-

It is surrounded by the tombs of prosperous city merchants, now much overgrown, but some with good neo-Grec detailing:-


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