Worland Gardens

Since it was so sunny yesterday, I went to have a look at Worland Gardens, a recent, much praised housing development by Peter Barber who specialises in well-considered housing, which makes use of North African, as well as vernacular developments, attentive to the balance between privacy and community. Like much architecture, it looks better in the magazines, but is still an interesting response to a neglected building type:-


6 thoughts on “Worland Gardens

  1. joan says:

    Did you not take the opportunity to visit the nearby Peter Barber McGrath Road development while you were up our way? It’s been great watching it come alive as people move in there and make it their own. Worland Gardens falls in the catchment area for the Stratford non selective secondary school my daughter attended. I’m really pleased that at least some of the families at the school have a chance of good housing like this. Believe me, listening to some of them at the school gate explaining how often they have been dealt a bad hand by private landlords, is enough to make you weep.

  2. Richard Bram says:

    There is an echo of this in the Post-Modern housing built around the Shadwell Basin. Worland Gardens is more solid and massed, but the general impression is similar.

  3. joan says:

    I really like Shadwell Basin. If you carry on further down Garnet Street from there you come across a row of about 8 system built terrace houses which caused quite s stir when they were craned into place by Tower Hamlets council in the early 1980’s. My sister was rehoused into one of these with her then young family from the council flat they previously lived in in Cable Street. It was very exciting for them to get a house with a garden. Like her neighbours she exercised the right to buy and then sold on at a handsome profit some years later – despite all sorts of concerns that their non traditional construction made them difficult to mortgage. They now sell for around about a million pounds. A far too familiar tale.

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