Happy Christmas !

I was going to wait till next week to post my Christmas card, but I have noticed that I pay much more attention to cards which come early – or maybe it just the effect of COVID that one particularly appreciates those cards from people one has not seen for a year at least; or what I try not to call retirement. Anyway this is my way of reciprocating and thanking people for their cards and their loyalty to the Blog when news has been thin, particularly as I have been discouraged from commenting on politics, which has occupied so much of everyone’s time and thoughts during the last year.

So Happy Christmas to all my friends and perhaps, most especially, those friends who contributed to the fight to save the Bell Foundry !

2021 could not be worse…..


One thought on “Happy Christmas !

  1. Jean Walker says:

    And a very happy Christmas to you too, Charles, from a hot and COVID free Tasmania. And a thank you for another delightful year of interesting, uplifting and thought provoking posts. Although we are lucky here, I can well imagine it would not be difficult to become a little withdrawn and depressed, with my country of birth in its current state so I’m sure your blog has had a positive impact on those not so lucky. Thank you again.

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