The Year in Retrospect

Because my computer was down when I woke up, needing to be upgraded which took a surprisingly long time, I started idly browsing the statistics on my blog as the year comes to an end. I have always assumed that the numbers reading my blog would diminish, as, like most people during the last year, I have lead a life of exemplary uninterest, not exactly twiddling my thumbs, but where a trip to the local branch of Sainsbury’s is by far the most exciting part of my day. But I was surprised and pleased to spot that I have had almost exactly the same number of readers, somewhere just north of 200,000 so-called views per annum (being slightly competitive, I only need 601 views today to equal last year’s total of 206,937). But I also, couldn’t help but notice which posts attracted the most interest: the National Trust by far – well, they’ve got over 5 million members; Dominic Cummings a close second; two obituaries, Fiona MacCarthy and John Dancy came third. Most of it is very predictable, a record of the changes of mood and feelings over the course of the last, very complex and long year. I found two things of particular interest. The first was that my first post on Coronavirus was on March 7 (, so relatively early, when we were all just beginning to learn about the effects of the disease which has ruled our lives. The second was that the actions of Dominic Cummings were a turning point at the time, and have remained so for many people, not just because of what he did, but because of what the Prime Minister didn’t do, which has dogged not just him but all of us ever since (


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