What to read in 2021 (1)

I have only just been tipped off that my museums book appeared in the FT’s description of which books to read in 2021. This has, of course, cheered me up no end, particularly when I see what company I am keeping: Peter Ricketts on the world of diplomacy; Linda Colley’s The Gun, The Ship and the Pen; Lucasta Miller on Keats. The book I’m particularly looking forward to is Rosemary Hill’s The Time’s Witness: History in the Age of Romanticism, published by Allen Lane in 2021. Much to look forward to !



7 thoughts on “What to read in 2021 (1)

  1. Charles: The FT allows one to read a few articles a month without a subscription but perhaps Jean you have read too much 🙂 If you have a subscription, did you share a ‘gift link’ from the Share button, which allows non-subscribers to read the article?

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