Vivaldi again

Talking of Vivaldi, for some reason I periodically am sent a link to a Norwegian violinist, Mari Samuelson, playing a mixed repertoire of music from Thomas Tallis to Max Richter. This evening, she played two movements from the Four Seasons, which I now find nearly impossible to listen to because it has become so impossibly hackneyed, but which she somehow managed to revitalise, playing it as if for the first time, with great and admirable intensity, as if everything this year will be a new discovery.


4 thoughts on “Vivaldi again

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    Dear Charles,
    I think from your post you may not know that Max Richter re-imagined/reconfigured Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. I know Max and Yulia and was present at a wonderful live performance of the Vivaldi in Edinburgh.
    Among the many regrets of 2020 is the Richter weekend at La Villette, in Paris for which my daughter and I were booked.
    The film about Richter’s Sleep – is being broadcast at 10pm tomorrow Sunday 3rd at 22.00.

  2. hcdunn says:

    Hi Leslie, I love Richter’s re-working of Spring. Could you tell me where Richter’s Sleep is being broadcast please? BBC or other? Thanks so much.

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