Luca del Baldo

I got an email out of the blue from an Italian painter called Luca del Baldo, who said that he had done a portrait of me, which I had never acknowledged and so had been left out of the book he has published of his imagined portraits under the title The Visionary Academy of Ocular Mentality, published by a German press, de Gruyter. Since it is not every day that someone does a portrait of me and since I retain an interest in the nature and character of portraiture – what makes a good portrait and what differentiates it from a photograph – I have added it to the miscellany of images which readers have to endure as the price of the blog.


7 thoughts on “Luca del Baldo

  1. mauricedavies says:

    It is a good portrait. Although you look more weary than I think of you – especially now you’re largely free of corporate responsibility

  2. Ivan Gaskell says:

    Nice Portrait. Luca is highly talented, and the book, which he was inspired to produce by the philosopher of art, the late Arthur Danto, is pretty amazing. The deal was that Luca would invite those whom he wanted to include in the project to send a photograph from which he would paint a portrait. He would send it to the sitter who would write a response for the book. It’s a fair exchange: portrait for text.

  3. Lilly Koltun says:

    It’s the kindness in the eyes.. With this new year, let me say how much I enjoy your new photos of yourself, but even more, how much I appreciate your comments. Always thoughtful, always kind.

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