A new website and business has been launched today by the founders of The Modern House, which has done such a brilliant job of making the rich variety of modern architecture better known. Now they plan to do the same for historic houses. Our house is featured, but it’s not for sale.


6 thoughts on “Inigo

  1. joan says:

    Can I ask where Romilly’s beautiful dress comes from, please? Lovely, incidentally, to be able to zoom in on the photos to see the details.

  2. Derek Morris says:

    I am reminded of the AGM of the Spitalfield Trust held in your house on a dark winter’s night, while they were still involved in restoration.
    My memory is that there was no electric lighting but Dan Cruickshank led a tour and became very excited when we reached a scrap of a very rare wallpaper that was apparently only known from old catalogues – query Georgian?
    Has the wallpaper survived?
    Derek Morris

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