To the Western World

We were sent an invitation last night to watch a film made in 1981 by Margy Kinmonth about the visit of Jack Yeats and John Millington Synge to Connemara to report the effects of rural poverty and the famine in the so-called ‘Congested Districts’ for the Manchester Guardian. The film was very low budget and all the better for it: because it was made 40 years ago on location in Connemara, it was astonishingly evocative, as if it was them in person, with some of the accents barely comprehensible. The voiceover was done by John Huston who was apparently dying and summoned Margy to the Savoy Hotel where he read the entire script there and then. The film had faded, but has been repurposed. It won lots of prizes at the time and deserved to (


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