the white pube

I went out to buy a bottle of milk this morning when my eye was caught by the wording of a poster right next to the tube:-

idea for a new art world

003: Curators should ask the public what they want to see and what they think galleries and museums should be used for

Interesting, I thought. The New Museology has arrived in the Mile End Road, alongside the chicken shops.

I read the rest of the suggestions:-

001: if I were the Tate, I would simply remove my racist paintings

How many might this involve, I wondered ? It’s a massive collection of nearly 70,000 works of art. Do they mean paintings on display or paintings in the collection as a whole ? Which count as racist ? It could be a lot, starting with Rex Whistler.

002: Universal Basic Income and affordable housing so that everyone, including artists, can make a living

A sensible suggestion.

004: people across the art world need to declare if they have rich parents who helped them get where they are today

I was interested by this being amongst the six top priorities of a guerrilla group and clearly an issue where internships have been so common across the art world and postgraduate courses so expensive.

005: the art world should not replicate the capitalist structures of other industries and instead should set a better example with a horizontal approach to decision-making and pay

006: dear museums, give back all stolen objects

An interesting set of thoughtful observations for the morning, written in a style they describe as cazjjj. I can’t think so many people are going to stop to read them, although it’s right next to a bus stop. Signed, the white pube.


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