Trevor Dannatt RA

I am so sorry to hear of the death of Trevor Dannatt, a lovely, thoughtful and intelligent architect, who always seemed much younger than he actually was, having died on Monday aged 101, still with a good head of very white hair. He was encouraged to take an interest in the work of Le Corbusier while still at school, trained at the Regent Street Polytechnic before the war, then worked for Jane Drew and Maxwell Fry, before joining the LCC in 1948 to work on the design of the Royal Festival Hall, as well as a bar which only served tea for the Festival of Britain. I had forgotten that he did quite a bit of design work for Bryan Robertson at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, including 20th. Century Form in 1953 and the exhibition on Jackson Pollock in 1958. Hard to think that he thought of Peter Smithson as one of ‘Les Jeunes’. There are very good interviews with him by Alan Powers available in National Life Stories.


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