Hackney Wick (2)

On our recent trip to Hackney Wick, I spotted a bakery, but wasn’t able to investigate, so went back today. It’s called Doh, is opposite Hackney Wick Station, and only opened in its current location in January. It was, as I had guessed, full of the most delicious things, including Veg Boxes, too big to carry on my bicycle, and the most incredibly excellent, freshly made bread:-

There are other good things in Hackney Wick:-


3 thoughts on “Hackney Wick (2)

  1. joan says:

    I am familiar with the Old Baths in Hackney Wick. It is home to the architects Studio Bark who designed our self build garden shed, intended as a textile studio for me to produce large quilts in, but which has been repurposed during the pandemic as an offshoot of the Department of Health (my partner’s work). It features on the Studio Bark website as the Manbey Pod and – much to our amusement – has turned up in the pages of various publications including the FT, the Evening Standard and Dezeen. It is a young architecture practice which is making quite a name for itself with environmentally conscious Paragraph 79 country homes.

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