My Rembrandt (1)

One of the benefits of listening to Waldy and Bendy this morning was that it led us to watch the film My Rembrandt this evening, an astonishing exposition of the nature of the art world and the extremities of the passions paintings, particularly Rembrandts, arouse. It both begins and ends with the most beautiful photography of Drumlanrig, where Richard Buccleuch decides to re-hang his Old Woman Reading. The heart of the narrative is about Jan Six deciding to buy a putative Rembrandt at auction and getting it attributed by Ernst van der Wetering, while, meanwhile, Éric de Rothschild decides to sell the two Rembrandts he and his brother jointly owned to the Rijksmuseum and the Louvre jointly. It tells one a great deal about the operation of the art world: the complexities of attribution when so many millions are at stake; the fact that there are still surprises in the sale room; the politics involved in a joint acquisition by the French and the Dutch. The director, Oeke Hoogendijk, has filmed it all with extraordinary access and great sensitivity. Available on Amazon if not in the cinema.


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