I did a quick giro round Cambridge revisiting old haunts. It was cold, but atmospheric, with tourists eating on King’s Parade.

The Fitzwilliam:-

Through the gates of Peterhouse (the colleges are all closed):-

The Gate of Honour at Caius:-

Trinity Lane:-

King’s Chapel from the backs:-

The Gibbs Building:-

The chapel at Pembroke:-


2 thoughts on “Cambridge

  1. joan says:

    My daughter was allowed back to her college in early March, when her faculty re-opened on the grounds that some elements of its teaching are practical. She was – and continues to be – delighted to be back, particularly as it was so difficult to get access to music scores (needed for her dissertation) remotely. She tells me that it has been a real shock just how quickly the town has filled up in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully most of the other students can get back for a least a short time before everything shuts down for summer. It really has been the most difficult situation for everyone concerned.

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