Whitechapel Bell Foundry (90)

There is still quite a bit of activity on twitter about the Bell Foundry. There are two key issues I have been pondering:-

1. It looks pretty obvious that Robert Jenrick’s Department passed the redevelopment without consulting him. You can hear the pleasure and glee in the coverage on planning websites that he has been so effectively snookered. So, the question is: can he circumvent the advice he is probably being given by his civil servants to let the matter drop ? Perhaps his Special Advisors can help ? Or his legal department ?

2. In the late 1970s, the Hughes wanted to move out of the historic building. The Historic Building Division of the GLC, which was extremely knowledgeable and very effective, immediately moved in and – I think – paid for the extension by James Strike, now being demolished. I haven’t consulted the relevant archive, but there must be people who know the history. Were conditions attached? Did Historic England check the relevant papers before encouraging redevelopment? I doubt it. In which case, there could have been demonstrable negligence which would emerge through Judicial Review.


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