Money, morality, and musea

I have been meaning to repost an article which appeared online in Philanthropy Daily, which focuses on a section of my book which I called ‘The Morality of Wealth’. I tried to consider the issue as to what one should think of those people who have lived possibly immoral lives, but have then devoted their great wealth to good causes. I have always taken the Mandevillean view of a relationship between private vice and public virtue, but acknowledge that in a new climate of public morality (although this does not apparently extend to the views of the electorate towards the behaviour of our most prominent politicians), this is increasingly unfashionable, if not indefensible. Anyway, I am pleased to discover my book is being read and pondered, even if criticised, in American philanthropic circles, in spite of my not being the type to enjoy a Funyun or two.


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