Whitechapel Bell Foundry (96)

The attached is a slightly oddball, but very fascinating glimpse into the way that the Bell Foundry is now sufficiently well known as a cultural and political issue to be the subject of a comedy routine on the accompanying podcast – ‘No Such Thing as a Fish’.

After a long discussion (at least twenty minutes) of all-in wrestling, there is an unexpectedly well-informed discussion of how it is possible to recognise the origin of bells by their sound, the importance of bells in late medieval village communities and – which I did not know – how the Germans were able to tell the weather conditions in London by listening to the live sound of Big Ben on broadcasts during the war. The last, in particular, helps to explain the cultural significance of the Bell Foundry as the place where Big Ben was cast.

If a bunch of comedians understands its significance, let’s hope the House of Commons does as well.



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