South Kensington Station (2)

I thought it would be interesting to look up the various schemes which have been put forward for the redevelopment of South Kensington Station in the past.

There was a scheme by Terry Farrell (1997):-

Then one by John McAslan, but I can’t find an image of it.

Then a counter-proposal by Craig Hamilton:-

An impression of how a scheme based TfL's 2016 Brief could look (C Draper)

Then, Buckley Gray Yeoman produced a scheme, which looks like an adaptation of the Craig Hamilton scheme:-

Buckley Gray Yeoman - plans for South Kensington Tube station - Thurloe Street, arcade and bullnose

Then, Native Land chose Rogers Stirk Harbour:-

Plans submitted for South Kensington tube redevelopment | New Civil Engineer

2 thoughts on “South Kensington Station (2)

  1. segravefoulkespublishers says:

    There was an earlier (1990) scheme by Rosehaugh, Tarmac and Amec, to quote the London Property Guide 1990: “with a deck across the platforms supporting 137 flats, 50,000 sq ft of offices and 30 shops”. From memory, the station corner was left intact by this scheme. It fell by the wayside in the 1990-92 recession (and the consequent collapse of Rosehaugh). By ’98, there was permission for a revised version – a “mews development with 14 2-bed houses, and a terrace of 51 flats with underground parking”. This may have been the Terry Farrell scheme you mention.

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