The Future of Museums

Way back in early February, I was interviewed by Jesse Dylan and Priscilla Cohen who have a company in Los Angeles doing podcasts called Wondros.   I had pretty much forgotten about it and what I might have said, but it has just gone live on YouTube (link as below) in which I am asked a series of interesting and intellectually challenging – and frequently unexpected – questions including ‘How easy is it to photograph snow ?’ It was at the beginning of what has been an intellectual journey for me over the last four months discussing the future of museums.


2 thoughts on “The Future of Museums

  1. A really interesting conversation. I’ve been reflecting on the intensity of the museum experience ever since going to the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, where your visit to the great Giotto frescoes is strictly capped at 15 minutes. It makes for a heightened experience in my view, with everyone in each visiting group similarly focused on the art.

    • So glad you enjoyed it ! I found Jesse Dylan and Priscilla Cohen very good and interesting, occasionally quite challenging, interlocutors, because of the total unpredictability of their questions. Charles

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