63-81, Pelham Street

Following my recent trip to South Kensington to study the likely impact of the planned development of the underground station, I have been alerted to the plans to develop an adjacent site on Pelham Street by the Wellcome Trust, one of the UK’s biggest charities – I assume not for the benefit of the local community, but for purposes of pure profit, probably through their commercial property arm since the headquarters of the Wellcome Trust are on the Euston Road and the trustees may have been encouraged to think that the development is unproblematic.

The building it will replace is not without interest, originally designed in 1924-5 for the Kensington and Knightsbridge Electric Lighting Company by C. Stanley Peach, who had a successful architectural practice based in Warwick Square (bad photograph, I know, probably taken in 1925):-

There is still the residue of this building in the architectural detailing:-

One might expect the Wellcome Trust to want to restore and reinstate the original building. But, oh no ! They plan to demolish it and put up a pretty hideous and non-descript replacement:-

63-81 Pelham Street - 40 - 63 Pelham Street

Is this really the best that the Wellcome Trust can do ?


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