Development (2)

My belief that the odds in terms of development in London are totally stacked in favour of developers, who have deep pockets to pay the best QCs, the best PR firms, and now appear to have the support of Historic England, has taken a minor knock having just heard that the monster development of 8, Albert Embankment by U+I (the Deputy Chief Executive of U+I just happens to be a Commissioner of Historic England) which would have taken much of the available daylight away from local communities, parks and the Garden Museum has not been given planning permission by Robert Jenrick, following a Planning Inquiry and on the basis of the advice of his Planning Inspector. A great victory on the part of those who campaigned so brilliantly against the plans !

Perhaps it will stem the advance of the approaching triffids:-


2 thoughts on “Development (2)

  1. mauricedavies says:

    This refusal is very good news. As you suggest Charles, it’s also an encouraging dismissal of heritage sector cronyism. It’s worth noting that as well as the crossover with the board of Historic England, U&I’s board includes Ros Kerslake, CEO of the lottery heritage fund, which incidentally has given a grant to the London Fire Brigade Museum as part of the now rejected development. I’m sure all conflicts of interest were managed impeccably but it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

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