Walking down the lane this evening, the hedgerows are absolutely full of butterflies, all the same type – I think Gatekeepers, but am happy to be corrected: hard to photograph, particularly with their wings spread. Maybe it is the sun:-


One thought on “Butterflies

  1. Tony Valsamidis says:

    Yes, a lovely example. The butterflies love this weather. I saw some gatekeepers in Vicky Park today. At the weekend, along the river Foss in York, I saw ringlets, holly blues, small & large whites, small tortoiseshell and a possible comma. We even had a red admiral in the garden. A good year, I think. I’m told no is a good time to look out for purple emperors. The rewilding at Knepp has been very sucessful in providing a suitable habitat: https://knepp.co.uk/purple-emperors

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